Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best food in Italy

Jeff and I were in Italy for 3 weeks.  And I was planning on eating GOOD.  I seriously love Italian food, and I planned on having it for every meal.

Turns out, Italian food in Italy is different from Italian food in the States.  Shocking, I know.

But in Italy, a lot of their food has seafood in it.  Weird, right?  Italian food isn't supposed to have seafood in it.

And there were lots of olives.  And mushrooms.

Also, sometimes the menus were only in Italian.

Jeff and I are not adventurous eaters, so to be safe, we ate a lot of pizza.  Prosciutto pizza, because they didn't have pepperoni like you and I know pepperoni.  And I didn't see any sort of alfredo anything the whole time I was there.  There was even this one place that had a sign that said, "We don't have a tourist menu.  We don't serve lasagna."  What the heck?

So we didn't eat that great.  Nothing really to write home about.

Except for that one place.  Oh, my goodness, I want to go back to Venice so I can eat at that one place.  It was a religious experience for me.  So good.

If you are ever in Venice, you HAVE to go there.  You must.

Wait - did I mention it was Chinese food?

It was totally Chinese food:

Tian Jin
Sestiere San Polo, 649
30125 Venezia, Italia

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